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Did you have to leave Puerto Rico for a new job in the United States or for any other reason and your house have not been sold yet? Or has a legal procedure not finished? You could name a legal representative that could appear in your name. How? Grant a power of attorney following these steps:

1. A notary in Puerto Rico should draft you the power of attorney and sent it to you. If you will used to sell a house it has to be done properly to be able to comply with banks and register requirements.

2. Go to a public Notary and notarized the document. The Notary will sign and seal the document and put the date his or her commission to be a notary expired.

3. Go with your sealed and signed power of attorney to the county clerk’s office and look for a Certificate of Notarial Authority that attest the public authorization of the Notary to acts as one. Usually the clerks adhere an apostille to the certification.

4. Return the power of attorney and county clerk Certificate of Notarial Authority in original to the Puerto Rico attorney.

5. The Notary in Puerto Rico will legalize the power of attorney through a public deed and will registry in the Power of Attorneys Public Register.

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